Marie Derouen R.E.
67 Coddington Street, Suite 101, Quincy, MA 02169


Affordable Hair Care & Removal

Receive hair removal and electrolysis services from a registered electrologist at the office of Marie Derouen R.E. in Quincy, Massachusetts. We provide the sterile treatments you need in a private room for your comfort. Some of the services we offer include:
• Bikini Area Hair Removal
• Cosmetic Therapy
• Electrolysis Training
• Ethnic Hair Care
• Electrolysis Services
• Permanent Laser Hair Removal
• Shortwave Method for Hair Removal
• Thermolysis
• Threading

Proven Hair Removal Methods

At our office, we use topical anesthesia for your comfort, and we feature autoclave sterilization, disposable probes, and heat sterilization for your safety. Customers with sensitive skin, hypertrichosis, or hirsutism have nothing to worry about at our office.
Hairless Chest - Hair Removal
We remove hair from your chin, eyebrows, face, upper lips, and underarms, and we also remove ingrown hairs from anywhere on your body.
Contact us today in Quincy, Massachusetts, and schedule an appointment for hair removal and electrolysis services.